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Helping you navigate your IT and business challenges

Most companies are working to do whatever it takes to increase their bottom line. Many companies are revisiting their IT approach and looking at ways to reduce costs by streamlining their internal processes. They want better ways to manage their ever changing business and IT needs, while keeping an eye out for innovative ways to increase sales.

As a result, the staff may have been streamlined, but the business objectives still need to be met. That's where AD/Solutions Group can help. We can provide you with the right person with the right experience for just the right amount of time.

Find out why our clients keep coming back

We enjoy repeat business because our clients admire our ability to present them with creative and cost effective ideas that help them meet and exceed their business objectives. We repeatedly exceed our clients' expectations by providing top quality resources that offer significant value that outweighs the IT investment in our services.

What can we do for you?

We are a full-service IT consultancy focused on providing technology solutions powered by people. Our services include full-time consultants/contractors, contract-to-hire, and full-time employee placement. We never compromise quality with the people that we provide. We are committed to partnering with clients to help deliver IT solutions that meet strategic business needs. Learn more


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